joanne IN THE MIX!

A-YO (Craig Vanity VS TH3R3AP3R)
Come To Mama (Craig Vanity VS Shane Patrick)
Dancin' In Circles (Craig Vanity VS Dave Aude)
Diamond Heart (Craig Vanity VS Tony Webster)
Grigio Girls (Craig Vanity VS Mathieu Koss & Boris Way)
Joanne (Craig Vanity VS DJ-Joker)
Just Another Day (Craig Vanity VS
Million Reasons (Craig Vanity VS Jacquard)
Perfect Illusion (Craig Vanity VS Carta)
Sinner's Prayer (Craig Vanity VS Dj Sunkeeperz)
Hey Girl Ft Florence Welch (Craig Vanity VS Gareth Emery)


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unless it's with you VS peter mills

Christina Aguilera - Unless It's With You (Craig Vanity VS Peter Mills) DOWNLOAD LINK 1 - DOWNLOAD LINK 2

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